Solar Repairs

Solar heating system repairs | Heat pumps and upgrades

Depending on valuation outcome on individual systems, maintenance/repairs can be done. If you need maintenance done on your water heating or solar system, do the following:

Very important - Email Us

Contact SOLNET via Email at , so a call can be logged and a SOLNET Consultant will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Ensure the following details are on the email:

  • -Name
  • -Surname
  • -Cell phone number
  • -Physical address
  • -Date system was installed
  • -Who did the installation if other than Solnet
  • -Attach a Solnet Invoice, or just the reference number (if Solnet did installation), in order for us to cross reference validity and warranty of the system.
  • -Description of problem etc.

Thanks, in advance for your patience and understanding

people in pool


“Ensure there are supervision for children, pets,  handicapped persons and the elderly”

SOLNET installer checking a system
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