Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps

Most pool owners rarely enjoy their pool’s full use due to the water being too cold.  Without swimming pool heating the average pool can mainly be used on average + 4 months of the year.  You can lengthen your swimming season to maximum use by installing a Solnet Swimming Pool Heat Pump. 

The SOLNET heat pump is the perfect addition to your swimming pool or spa.  Enjoy your pool in the style that you deserve with a Solnet swimming pool heat pump.

The non-polluting SOLNET series heat pumps is so energy efficient, it will keep you pool comfortably warm for a fraction of the cost of electric heaters and the enjoyment of using your pool all year round by far exceeds this cost.

Our heat pumps are closed-cycle systems that can heat or cool your pool water.  It uses advanced corrosion resistant alluminium and polymer heat exchanger technology for longer operating life,  a temperature conrolled pool helps to maximise your pool investment and at the same time improve your quality of life.

The dual thermostats offer precise temperature monitoring and control to maintain the desired water temperatures and the self-diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots heat pump operation to ensure safe, dependable operation.

It comes with a status indicator LED display that gives the operator feedback of the current operating performance of the heat pump.

Ensures the quietest operation possible, SOLNET, Cape Town , mounts all its compressors on rubber isolating cushions and rubber mounting blocks. 

Why it's good to have a swimming pool heat pump

  • lengthens your swimming season
  • heat pumps are non polluting
  • energy efficient
  • closed circuit, to heat or cool your pool
  • advanced corrosion resistant alluminium
  • longer operating life
  • maximises pool investment
  • precise temperature monitoring
  • self diagnostic control  panel
  • status indicator LED display
  • quitest operation possible
  • Solnet heat pumps are perfect for all swimming pools, no matter what size
heat pump

How heat pumps work

Gas called “Regrigerant” is compressed using a compressor to make it super hot.  The Hot gas passes through a heat exchanger in tubes Heating the water passing through it.  The expansion value drops the Pressure of the gas turning it into a very cold gas.  the fan blows air across the cold gas to warm it up so that the compressor can compress it again. Essentially the heat is taken out of the air leaving cold air being expelled through the evaporator.

diagram of how heat pumps work

Geyser heat pumps

Geyser, heat pumps, are easy to install and cost effective.  Geyser, heat pumps, works on the same principle as airconditioners, taking the ambient heat from the air and putting it into the water,  by doing so, heating the water.

The water is heated for only a fraction of the electrical usage of a normal household geyser.  Helping you save on your electrical bill.  It is an alternative to a solar geyser unit.  It can be fitted with a remote control timer.  Water temperatures can be adjusted from 40% to 60%.

geyser heat pump
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