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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating - Hot and Cold Facts

To own a swimming pool today, is a luxury that needs time and money to maintain.  The initial cost of an average pool today could easily be as much as R 50,000.00 to R 200,000.00  The interest alone on this investment could run into a few hundred rands per month. Apart from this you still need chemicals and electricity for the pump, totaling about R100 per month.

Independent test showed that the average pool owner in the Western Cape uses their pool only 30 days a year, spread over a 3 month's period.  In our modern society with inflation and a very expensive Rand, investing in a pool could prove very costly.  However, taking into account our over populated beaches, busy and dangerous roads, expensive transport cost and the  need to spend quality time with our families and friends, this investment is justified.  With a longer swimming season, your investment can be used at a optimal level.

It is now possible, through the use of Solnet Solar Pool Heating Panels, to heat the water in your swimming pool with 10ºc - 15ºc, extending your swimming season with 8 to 10 months a year.  Installing a Solar pool heating panel system, in most cases, could be done in 1 day without any inconvenience to the home owner.  The cost of a correctly designed system should equal about 25% the cost of a swimming pool.  Beware of the company or sales person that considers their income to be more important than the results for the pool owner just to clinch the business.  The price will be cheaper but the results unsatisfactory.  

As leader in the Solar pool heating industry and one of the most established solar installation company's in South Africa, it is obvious that we favour quality above quantity. Trust SOLNET water heating systems, and installations in Cape Town to install your water heating system for you. 

Solar Pool Heating Panels HEATED and UN-HEATED

Solar pool heating panels may be configured in different ways, but the most common method is to install a continuous row without any breaks.  If there is a skylight or a change in the level of the roof, then Solnet will be forced to break the layout, but the panels are then linked by pipe fittings and connections.

As a rule, solar pool heating panels are incorporated into an existing filter circuit.  The pool pump operates the solar unit at the same time.  For this reason, the maximum number of solar panels which can be used will depend on the size and power of the pool pump. It must be able to supply the proper head pressure to pump and circulate the water through the solar panels effortlessly.

Since the heat of the water depends on the amount and intensity of sunshine or UV rays provided per day, you will obviously have cooler water in cold rainy or overcast weather. 

Wind, does have a cooling effect on swimming pool solar heating panels and therefore it is wise to add an extra solar panel  or two, to make up for the loss of heat caused by the wind.

The size of the area to be covered by the solar pool heating panels will depend on numerous environmental and physical factors listed below: 


  • swimming season can reasonably be extended in your area.  
  • Where the individual pool is located, 
  • whether the area itself is shaded, 
  • the surface area of the water to be heated; 
  • wind cooling is a problem; 
  • as well as the pool temperature required;
  • the direction and angle at which the panels are to be mounted will also make a difference.


Solnet Solar Panel Calculator:

Pool Size Length/Width Of Pool

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Pool heating panels

solar pool heating panels

Pool solar panels

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  Solar pool panels on roof

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