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Pool Heating

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Solar Pool Heating Covers 500 Micron

Your swimming pool, heat retention cover

The main form of natural heating is by direct sunshine onto the pool. Cooling is through evaporation which occurs during the daytime as well as the night. The solar pool cover is designed to still let the sun through, but eliminates cooling through evaporation and convection by eliminating air-to-water contact.

Your solar pool heating cover or retention cover as it is known keeps leaves and dust out of your pool making it easier to clean your swimming pool.  Thereby allowing you more time in than out of your pool.

To get the most out of your Pool Heating System, leave the solar heating protection cover on at all times except whilst you are swimming or shock treating your pool.

To ensure that you get the maximum life from your pool cover, it must be properly cared for. 

Three important tips to ensure your cover does not age prematurely

  • When the Cover is removed from the pool, never leave it in direct sunlight. Cover it with the solar protection sheet provided or leave it in the shade.Always ensure your pool chemistry is added correctly. 
  • Never let the chlorine, the pH OR the total alkalinity vary from the values recommended by companies such as HTH or Swimline.
  • When you shock treat your pool, leave the cover off for at least 24hrs or until your chlorine is back to acceptable levels.

Rollup Station for your solar cover

Rollup Stations for solar covers adds convenience as well as a cover against leaves falling into your pool. It is great as it also reduces the amount of water lost due to run off when removing a solar cover.

It makes the pool cover easy to cover the pool when not swimming and for even easier removal, especially,  for the elderly/children,  also to ensure correct storage when the cover is off the pool.

Contact a Solnet representative to discuss your pool cover needs.

Safety is very important

It is of the utmost importance for the safety of all swimming:

  • that the solar cover be removed before swimming,
  • that kids or adults, disabled, (No-0ne), not swim underneath the solar pool cover,
  • that kids, disabled, pets and the elderly not swim alon or unattended and to be supervise at all times.

"Ensure adult supervision for the safety of all swimming:

 kids, pets, disabled people and the elderly"

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Why solar

  • It's Cost effective
  • It's Sustainable
  • It's Eco Friendly
  • It's Energy saving
  • It's the Future
  • It's Affordable

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