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Solar Geysers

diagram of electricity usage

Solnet Solar Collector

Solar Geysers

Electricity Usage

As demonstrated in above diagram, estimated montly electricity usage, pie chart, it is obvious that your geyser uses  a much higher percentage of electricity, thus the more reason to switch to a Solnet Cape Town Solar Geyser. 

It means on average a geyser consumes between R500 - R1 000 per month. With a tarrif increase of 20% per annum you will have spent approximately R49 900 on hot water, over a 5 year period. With nothing to show for it. Makes you think, doesn't it.

Solnet Cape Town provides the best rand for rand value and has been in the industry since 1984.  In 2010 SOLNET won the coveted, THE BIZZ award, gaining international recognition.

All our hot water cylinders are manufactured from a revolutionary Hi-Tech composite ensuring no or little corrosion. A solar geyser heating Panel system can save you a lot of money when properly designed for your individual needs, thus the more reason to contact Solnet for your solar geyser heating needs. Solnet have thousands of happy and satisfied clients with solar geysers and that have come back over the years for new property solar geysers to be installed.

SOLNET products are SABS approved and manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 standards. With the South African climate and more than enough sun to go around, the Solnet Cape Town solar geyser heating panel system is a perfect choice for your hot water geyser needs.

It is wise to also install a geyser management system with your solar geyser heating panel system to regulate when your geyser gets switched on and off through a timer. 

Solar Geysers Heating, Pro's

  • less demand for fossil fuels
  • it is affordable
  • great selling point and an asset to your property
  • maintenance free
  • lots of free clean energy
  • sun energy is free
  • load shedding will not have such a great effect
  • saves you loads of money

Direct System(below)

Types of Solar Geyser Heating Systems

  •  Direct System
  •  In-direct System (pre-heat system)

The only two systems that you get. As can see in below diagram, it explains how a direct solar geyser system (on left side) works and how a in-direct solar geyser system (below) works.

Click on picture to have it enlarged.

Indirect System(below)

direct system solar geyser diagram

pre-heat system solar geyser diagram

milnerton golf course solar geysers

geyser pipework

200l solar geyser

vacuum tube solar

solar geyser

     solar geyser

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