Tap into the sun for an abundance of free solar power giving loads of hot water for your pool and household

Don't pour your hard earned money down the drain... use SOLNET's alternative products

Research and development over the past 35 years makes SOLNET, South Africa’s leader in the water heating industry including Swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s and Geysers. Also called solar heating systems.

Our pool heating products brings families together, keep children off the street contributes towards a healthier lifestyle and turns our backyards into holiday resorts.

Our products used for heating water for household and commercial needs comes with a guaranteed saving factor that reduces the average families’ spending budget by R 800.00 to R 1 000.00 per month.  

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Geyser heat pump

Very cost effective and affordable Heat Pump for the geyser.

solnet chlorinator, filter

Filtration Pump, Filter & Chlorinator

Titanium Heat Pump for the Swimming Pool / Jacuzzi

Geyser Heat Pump

diagram of pool heating

Diagram of Solar Pool Heating System

Heat Retention Cover

Safety Cover

Pool Heat Pump, Filtration and Chlorinator


Cost effective


Eco Friendly

Energy saving

It's the Future


"We do it right, the first time!"

Solnet Geyser Collector
solal geyser
Solnet Pool Panels

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Contact Solnet for all your solar panel, burst geyser, geyser repairs…water heating needs.

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